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About the TASEH Institute:

The TASEH Institute was created in 1981 by two sisters Susan and Paula, who were born 18 months apart. They come from a family of intuitives.  Both have had life-long interests in all things metaphysical from the age 5 on. In our quest for more information and knowledge, we have amassed a huge library on many metaphysical topics. Both have done readings for others since their teens.

This intuition has served us well in the many interests we’ve had through our lives, from private investigations work, finding addresses to locate people to serve legal papers, and environmental activism to search out evidence of radiologic, chemical contamination and illegal activities from the US Department of Energy’s Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility (located between Boulder, Golden, Arvada, and Westminster). They never could figure out how we stayed two or three steps ahead of them on the many issues that came into focus.

Being deeply psychic, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and precognitive gives the ability to just “know” when something is going to happen, someone is being truthful, to hearing words pop in your head to give clues and cues about something that is going on. It can also help create synchronicity of meeting people that can help you.

Susan was in an Edgar Cayce Study Group for 8 years in Houston, Texas. This group focused on dream interpretation and the symbology of dreams. She studied with Steve Murray, Reiki Master, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and makes her own fine, herbal incense blends. Susan is currently developing a monthly newsletter tentatively named “Tip of the Wand.”


Paula studied with Hanna Kroeger, Boulder, CO, Brotherhood of the White Temple, Doreal, Carlos Podasta (Casteneda), Silva Mind Control Group, Builders of the Adytum (BOTA), Pegasus Trance Medium Group, Steve Murray Reiki Master, Las Vegas, NV, International Center for Reiki Training, William Lee Rand, in Seattle, WA and Glastonbury, UK, Medium Tony Stockwell in Vancouver, BC,  and Arthur Findlay College Stansted Hall Senior Tutors Simon James and Brian Robertson on Victoria Island, BC Canada.

Susan and Paula co-wrote a book in 2001: Be Your Own Psychic Tarot Course, a fully illustrated manual with permission from U.S. Games. This is the manual we use for our Tarot classes. There are more classes and speaking topics we have developed over the years. For a partial list, see our lecture topic page.

Call: 303-233-6677

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susan@tasehinstitute.com or paula@tasehinstitute.com

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